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For years, travelers made their way through the town of Novato, using it as a gateway to reach the world-renowned Sonoma Valley. However, in recent years, many people have noted the town’s vibrant community, beautiful climate, and incredible home values. 

The land was originally the site of several Coast Miwok villages. However, in 1837, the Mexican government granted nearly 9,000 acres of land to Fernando Feliz, who called the land Novato in reverence to a local Miwok leader who had been given the name Saint Novatus. After California became part of the United States in 1848, many early pioneers arrived and started farming the land for themselves. The first post office arrived in Novato in 1856, and a railway was laid in 1879, connecting the town to San Rafael, helping its population growth. 

Today, Novato is made up of a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own style and sensibility. You’ll be able to find a range of architectures, including mid-century modern coastal ranches and romanesque mansions, making it one of the most diverse communities in the county. 

What to Love

  • Charming and idyllic small-town Americana lifestyle 
  • Numerous shopping opportunities 
  • Beautiful and affordable homes
  • Stunning year-round climate

People & Lifestyle

Novato is quickly becoming one of Marin County’s most desirable areas due to its highly-rated schools, amazing weather, multiple shopping centers, and some of the most affordable homes in the area. As a result, the population of Marin is highly diverse, with a definite sense of community and togetherness throughout the town, where many residents are extremely welcoming and friendly. 

The town itself has recently started a beautification program, which has helped revive the downtown area into a vibrant, energetic space full of high-quality restaurants and boutiques. This is a fun-loving community that enjoys all forms of entertainment and outdoor recreation. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

The dining scene in Novato is as eclectic and fun as its residents. Grazie Cafe has been a local favorite since 1998, serving delicious, Italian-inspired dishes such as fried calamari, eggplant parmesan, and scallop risotto. HopMonk Tavern is another hotspot offering a wide variety of delights such as pickle fries, samosas, and a pulled pork sandwich that will wow you. 

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, look no further than Mi Pueblo. This classic Mexican restaurant has world-class tacos, burritos, and tortas that will leave you feeling like you’ve made it south of the border. 

Vintage Oaks Shopping Center is another excellent place to spend an evening out. You can choose between various restaurants, including Extreme Pizza, Panera Bread, and Sushiholic, while you shop at some of the best stores in the area. 

Things to Do

Many residents in Novato enjoy the multiple outdoor recreational areas that the community has to offer. Black Point Boat Launch is a great place to try your hand at striped bass fishing. Just make sure you get a fishing license from the town before you go. Bel Marin Keys is another beautiful waterfront area that often hosts a variety of local events for residents to attend. 

The Hamilton Field History Museum is a fun-filled activity for any history buffs. Located in what was once part of the United States Air Force Base, this museum does everything it can to keep local history alive. 

Of course, if golf is your favorite pastime, you certainly don’t want to miss the Marin County Country Club. This beautiful course is one of the most respected private clubs in all of Northern California and offers an array of additional amenities to members, including a private pool, tennis courts, and more. 


Schools in the Novato area are some of the highest-rated in the county and are part of the reason this community is so popular with young families. Some schools worth noting include:



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