Ways to Optimize Your Home Sale

  • Glen Barras
  • 05/11/21

As one of the most desirable places in America to live, Marin County offers an incredible amount to those that choose to call this California hotspot home. With desirable year-round weather, a flourishing economy, and a top-notch food and bar scene, there is no question why so many people choose to put down roots here.

With the Marin County real estate market booming in early 2021, there is no better time to dip your toe into the market; however, sellers face an extremely competitive atmosphere. It can be overwhelming to know where to start when deciding how to expedite the sale of your home, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips for selling your home quickly and at a maximum profit. 

Hire a professional

The uncontested best first step in successfully selling your home is hiring a premier local real estate agent for the Marin County area. Hiring an excellent realtor helps you avoid the hassle of navigating paperwork and complex issues, saves you time and effort on your home showings, and helps to coordinate repairs and upgrades. Let’s take a look at the ways that hiring a realtor sets you on the path to success during the sale of your home.

First, a trusted real estate agent has a vast understanding of your local market, such as whether or not you are entering a buyer’s or seller’s market. A good realtor uses statistics like Days on Market, or DOM, to get a sense of the demand for your home. Your realtor also has an understanding of the best timing for your sale, as sales ebb and flow through the calendar year. 

Additionally, your realtor helps you to set the right price for the sale of your home. The unfortunate reality is that if a home is priced too high, buyers can become skeptical of a house where the list price is continually declining. Your realtor is in tune with comparable homes, or “comps,” that are a helpful guide to what homes are selling for in your area.

Lastly, hiring a realtor means they can point you to the exact areas of your home that should be improved, repaired, or upgraded before listing. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to make these decisions independently before hiring a realtor and then, in turn, fail to recoup their costs during the sale. Knowing exactly what areas of the home potential buyers will be focused on will set you up for success. You’ll be able to move forward with sprucing up the areas of your home to help your home sell quickly. Hiring a trusted realtor provides you with a guide during this process. 

Focus on the photos

It’s imperative to know that money spent on photographing your home for online listings is an excellent way to optimize your home sale. Gone are the days of conducting home searches by scouring classified listings in the newspaper or noticing “For Sale” signs stuck into freshly mown lawns. Nowadays, potential buyers often peruse online before committing to view a home. This means that photos of your home need to stand out as they are viewed on the internet; putting some time and effort into photography for your home’s real estate listing is incredibly important.

With the comparative quality of similar home listings, simple snapshots taken on your camera phone are not going to cut it. Put your best foot forward in this process by either purchasing high-end camera equipment of your own or hiring a professional photographer. Doing so can increase the price of your sale by about $19,000.

To prepare for your home to be photographed, it is crucial to clean every nook and cranny in your home and declutter and depersonalize the house. Optimize the sale of your home by giving potential buyers a blank slate to view themselves and their families. This can be done by thoroughly cleaning your home from top to bottom and getting rid of personal mementos and other personal items. In fact, this step should be completed before your home is photographed and during the home showing process for interested buyers.

Lastly, carefully select photos for your home listing that display your home’s best features and make sure they are as bright and clear as possible. For your online listing, ensure that a flattering curb shot is used as the feature photo, followed quickly by pictures of the kitchen and living spaces. If necessary, edit the photos to make rooms appear well-lit and large. 

Make upgrades and repairs

You can determine all of the areas of your home that could use some sprucing up by working with a trusted realtor. Although you’ll need to make decisions about specific areas to upgrade and repair, not all areas are equal when it comes to the best return on investment. Let’s go over the best areas to focus your efforts to optimize the sale of your home.

First, it is prudent to focus your energy on any minor issues in your home that have been overlooked. Spend some time fixing leaky faucets, getting the carpets professionally cleaned, touching up baseboard paint, and cleaning grout in tiled areas. Since maximum daylight will be a sought-after selling point for buyers, repair or replace window coverings to allow the room to be flooded with light as much as possible or paint the walls a light color to brighten the space.

Next, spend some time making the kitchen a showstopper for house hunters. Consider painting your cabinets or installing new cabinet hardware to give your kitchen a relatively inexpensive makeover. If your kitchen countertops or appliances are dated, know that any investment you make upgrading these items is sure to be recouped upon the sale of your home. Either way, spending a little time, money, and energy upgrading your kitchen is money well spent.

Finally, it cannot be overstated what a neutral color palette in your home’s interior does to accelerate the home’s sale. Although you may have put a lot of thought into selecting various wall colors for your home over the years, a mixture of these colors is an unfortunate distraction to many home viewers. Spend time painting your walls a pleasant, neutral color so that buyers can envision themselves living in the home. 

Improve curb appeal

As always, the first impression is the only impression that matters when it comes to selling your home. In other words, your home’s curb appeal is incredibly important for selling your home quickly and for a great price. Fortunately, choosing just a handful of exterior areas to concentrate your energy is sure to make your home sale a breeze.

First, since your entryway is what invites homebuyers into your home, spend time making sure the exterior siding and front door have been given a fresh coat of paint. Avoid distracting holiday displays and instead, add some tasteful seating. A beautiful wreath, potted plant, and welcome mat are also great additions. Keep in mind that your entryway is the natural passageway between the outdoors and the interior of your home, so ensure that all of the aforementioned selections flow with your interior decor.

Next, add some easy landscaping that adds appeal to your home without costing a fortune. This is a good time to trim trees, remove dead leaves from existing plants, and plant colorful flowers and shrubs that create an inviting atmosphere to your home. It also may be prudent to select various annuals and perennials to create a contrast of brilliant colors with more muted greenery.

Lastly, refreshing paint on shutters, siding, and trim is well worth the cost when it comes to selling your home quickly. Although having this professionally done can be expensive, this is money well spent and time saved for you when it comes to selling your home. Don’t forget to pressure wash any grime or algae that has collected on the exterior and clear any cobwebs to make your home look as good as new. 

By incorporating these tried and true methods of optimizing your home sale, you are guaranteed to be on the road to success. Again, the first important step in this journey is hiring an excellent realtor that proves to be an invaluable asset during the selling process.

If you’re looking for the foremost realtor in the Marin County area, look no further than Glen Barras as the go-to resource when you decide to sell your home. Having made the real estate market his career and passion for nearly 30 years, Glen provides his clients with invaluable expertise from Corte Madera real estate to Novato real estate and throughout all of Marin County. Contact him today to get started. 


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